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GUN DIGEST 2018 72nd Edition

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  • 9781440247842
Editor: Jerry Lee One look inside the 72nd edition of Gun Digest and you’ll understand why... mehr
Produktinformationen "GUN DIGEST 2018 72nd Edition"

Editor: Jerry Lee
One look inside the 72nd edition of Gun Digest and you’ll understand why it’s called “The World’s Greatest Gun Book.”
Gun Digest 2018 is jammed full of the comprehensive, enlightening and eye-catching information that firearms fanatics crave.
No matter if your passion is long-range rifles, fancy shotguns, gritty Old West single-action revolvers, sleek semi-auto pistols
or cutting-edge tactical rifles, Gun Digest brings them all to life and raises your firearms IQ.

Grad Course In Guns
At the heart of Gun Digest 2018 is a roster of in-depth feature articles from some of the top names in gun writing today.
Reading them is like taking a graduate course in guns. For the firearms enthusiast, there’s nothing more enjoyable than
getting immersed in the minutia of firearms design, history and application as you learn the whos, hows and whys behind
the rifles, shotguns and handguns you dearly love. Here’s just a sampling of what the latest edition brings:
- The Cartridges of Smith & Wesson
- Pistols from Behind the Iron Curtain
- An Army of Riflemen
- The Fighting Shotgun
- Gas Delayed Blowback Pistols
- A Beginner’s Primer on the AR-15
- Going Long
- Does Your Hunting Rifle Fit?
- The Texas Magnum
- The 9mm: Setting the Standard

Market-Savvy Manual
Gun Digest 2018 doesn’t turn a blind eye to the practical side of firearms. Whether you’re a discerning collector or practical consumer,
you’ll enjoy an in-depth look at the newest makes and models picked to go under the microscope in the “Testfire” section.
If vintage firearms are your thing, the “One Good Gun” stories will inspire you to find the next collectible for your gun safe.
On top of all that, our 2018 Firearms Catalog provides you with endless hours of window-shopping for hundreds of new and popular models.

Don’t Be a Firearms Fool
There’s a reason serious firearms enthusiasts cherish “The World’s Greatest Gun Book” as much as their favorite rifle, and as vital to their
lifestyle as a bottle of Hoppe’s No. 9. It’s been that way since the first edition from 1944. There are those who talk about guns and then
there are those actually know about guns. Gun Digest puts you in the know.

About the editor:
Jerry Lee has been editor of some of the leading magazines in the firearms field including Guns, Petersen’s Handguns, Rifle Shooter,
and many Guns & Ammo and Shooting Times Special Interest Publications, including Book of the 1911, Book of the AR-15, Combat Arms, Surplus Firearms,
Book of the Model 70, Wing & Shot, and custom publications for Smith & Wesson, Remington, Ruger, Mossberg, CZ and other manufacturers.

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